The story begins...

In 2014 I met the cemani for the first time and fell in love with this beautiful, mysterious chicken.

I wanted them too! After a good search it turned out that this breed was not so easy to find. Many other varieties have been bred in recent years, so that the right type hardly existed. Eventually I found someone who did not have the perfect type, but the chickens did have the full black color. With this I started breeding and selecting. By chance I found a breeder in the northern part of Holland and picked up some eggs and one hen. Finally one year later I got hatching eggs from abroad and now I have a stable, own breeding.

In 2017 was the first time I participated with an exhibition with two cemanis and got nice results (hen F96, fell in the prizes and rooster ZG95).

Also in 2018 again a few times with exhibitions, where one of the roosters four times F96 and once ZG95 managed to achieve. Three times I went home with prizes. The results of the hens varied between ZG94 and ZG95.


Of course we breed on the beautiful type and the full black color of the cemani, but we also find character very important. We select our breeding animals in addition to type and color on a friendly nature.

In order to let the chickens get trust in people at a young age, we have a lot of contact with the chicks from the day they are born.

Ayam cemani is not only a very beautiful, but also a very friendly chicken


Although the cemani are always completely black chickens, we also experiment a little with the possibility of other colors: blue and white.
Blue is originally created by a breeder in the northern part of Holland: it has very dark skin, but not yet black. We are working together to make it a perfect blackskinned bluefeathered cemani (maybe we need an other name instead of cemani)

White is my next project: black skin, comb, chinelles and legs, similar to the original cemani except for the completely white feathers. We hope to show something in 2020 ...